If we could look into each other’s hearts, and understand the unique challenges each of us faces, I think we would treat each other much more gently, with more love, patience, tolerance, and care.
~ Marvin J. Ashton


There are many reasons to seek therapeutic massage. Many of my clients are recovering from auto & work accidents, chronic pain resulting from medical conditions, or sports injuries. However, massage is beneficial for all individuals, not only those with an obvious, medical necessity. Along with diet and exercise, massage is considered a cornerstone of health. With the added stress of modern life, more and more individuals are seeking regular, therapeutic massage to provide balance and replenish their sense of well-being. There are several techniques available to the massage therapist. Below are the core techniques I use during my sessions.

Deep Tissue

Deep tissue encompasses neuromuscular therapy, orthopedic massage, sport massage, and other treatment styles. These techniques use compatible approaches to improve the muscular-skeletal alignment and relieve pain. We “meet” the muscle at a place of challenge to encourage a response of relaxing the contraction or holding pattern thereby giving relief of chronic discomfort.

Craniosacral Therapy


Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy is a technique that uses the body’s own innate ability to heal. As a practitioner, I observe the body’s rhythms through fluid, tissue and bones finding where it is balanced efficiently and where it may need assistance. When in harmony, the natural rhythms of the body's system are at ease and provide space to heal. Craniosacral therapy is deeply relaxing and rejuvenating.

Body/Mind Awareness


There is a saying that the body remembers what the mind cannot. This work is for those interested in becoming more connected body / mind / soul, recovering memories, or working with subconscious levels to increase understanding and self-awareness. It is most appropriately used in conjunction with professional counselling support.



The word “Reiki” loosely translates as “universal life energy” – the energy of all living things. The practitioner serves as the pathway for the energy to travel. The receiver takes the energy in for healing, balancing and stress reduction. This is a meditative energy exchange and requires the practice of mindfulness on the part of the client during the course of the session.

Renew thyself completely each day;
do it again, and again, and forever again.


~ Henry David Thoreau


Appointments are scheduled for 30, 60 or 90 minute sessions. You may book one appointment at a time, however, for chronic conditions or traumatic injury, several, sequential sessions are recommended for full recovery. I specialize in auto accidents and L&I insurance claims.

Session Time

30 minutes
60 minutes
90 minutes

Base Rates*

$ 70

*These are the starting prices for sessions based on full payment on the day of service.

Gift Certificates are available.

Please be advised that you are responsible for payment in full for any sessions denied by your insurance company. Late cancellation and missed appointment fees are not covered by your insurance and will be billed to you directly.



Client Responsibility
Clients should expect to arrive on time for their scheduled appointment. If, for any reason, you are unable to arrive on time, you will be billed for the full session regardless of time constraints.

Clients will conduct themselves in an appropriate manner. Lewd behavior or the use of alcohol or drugs is not acceptable.


Clients are expected to arrive healthy and in a proper condition to receive a therapeutic massage. If you are sick, please reschedule your appointment.

A minimum 24 hour notice is required to reschedule or cancel an appointment. Any appointments cancelled with less than 24 hour notice will be subject to a $45 fee for and hour appointment $60 fee for and hour and half appointment.

Missed Appointments
Missed appointments are subject to the $45/$60 cancellation fee.

Accept yourself: flaws, quirks, talents, secret thoughts, all of it, and experience true liberation. Create your best life with your consciously chosen thoughts, words, and actions.


~ Amy Leigh Mercree

Deb Hamilton, LMP

AMTA Member
Nationally Certified
WA License #MA0011401


A licensed massage therapist since 1991, Deb has completed over 17,000 sessions in her career. She brings a professionalism and respect for her craft and her clientele that only comes with experience. Deb uses massage as a modality of healing. She blends knowledge of the body, mind and spirit connection to facilitate growth, relaxation and rejuvenation.


Education and Certifications

Potomac Massage Training Institute, Washington, D.C.
(specializing in Swedish and deep tissue massage)

Certified Craniosacral Therapist


Continuing education specialties include:

NeuroMuscular Therapy
Orthopedic Massage
Sports Therapeutic Massage
Body/Mind Connection Awareness
Craniosacral Therapy



Deb Hamilton, LMT, CCST
Locations: Ballard & Northgate

Phone: (206) 228-5816
Please call for an appointment.